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Squishmallow Stickers: A Fun Way to Show Off Your Fandom

Show your love for the adorable marshmallow-like plushies of Squishmallows with fun and creative Squishmallow stickers! These joyful stickers featuring your favorite Squishmallow characters allow fans to express their obsession in unique ways. Put them on water bottles, laptops, scrapbooks, or get creative and make Squishmallow sticker art. With varieties like die-cut stickers, vinyl stickers, puffy stickers and more, there are so many ways to showcase your Squishy love. Let's explore the rise of the Squishmallow fandom, the types of Squishmallow stickers out there, and how fans are using these sticky symbols to celebrate their passion!

Squishmallow stickers will have you smiling almost as much as cuddling the squishy plushies themselves!

The Rise of Squishmallow Fandom

Squishmallows first bounced onto the plushie scene in 2017 when toy company Kellytoy launched the super soft, marshmallow-like stuffed animals. Their round shapes, cute facial expressions, and ultra squishy texture made them stand out from typical plush toys. Children and adults alike became enamored with the soothing, stress-relieving nature of squishing these cute creatures.

As Kellytoy continued expanding the Squishmallows line with more characters, sizes, and specialty collections, fans started amassing impressive squads of the plushies. Part of the fun was hunting down rare and limited edition Squishmallows to add to your collection. The joy of finding your “squishy grail” – that special design you’ve been dreaming of – created a rush akin to treasure hunting.

By 2018, vibrant Squishmallow fan communities began emerging across platforms like Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Fans shared their collections, traded rare Squishmallows, created wish lists of their “ISO” (in search of) designs, and connected with fellow collectors. Hashtags like #squishmallowcommunity proliferated as fans shared their squishy pursuits.

Squishmallow enthusiasts also came up with creative names for the plushies based on their appearance, backstories, or personalities. For example, “Hug Mee” Squishmallows were dubbed “Hugmees,” foods became “Foodies,” babies were “Squisheens,” etc. Fans poured love into these imaginary identities.

As the Squishmallows craze grew, fans started expressing their devotion through customization. Squishmallow stickers entered the scene, providing a way to integrate this new obsession into everyday life. Die-cut stickers, vinyl decals, puffy stickers and more allowed fans to plaster their favorite characters on water bottles, laptops, phone cases, scrapbooks, and anything imaginable.

Squishmallow stickers became a trendy way for fans to publicly display their passion. Sturdy car decals enabled taking your squishy squad on road trips. Puffy stickers brought 3D appeal for journaling and scrapbooking. The stickers also facilitated meetups and trades within local fan communities.

Through stickers, customizations, memes, wish lists and endless online discussions, Squishmallows have spawned a vibrant, engaged fandom subculture. United by their love for the soft squish, fans have created their own delightful world celebrating these namesake marshmallow plushies.

Types of Squishmallow Stickers

Squishmallow Die Cut Stickers

Die cut stickers feature Squishmallow characters cut out into unique shapes with fine details. Die cutting creates clean edges and transparency around the sticker. Popular shapes include the iconic Squishmallow head silhouette. These versatile stickers can be used to decorate journals, scrapbooks, cards, packaging and more.

Squishmallow Adhesive Stickers

These are vinyl stickers with a flat adhesive backing. They come in cute designs like Squishmallows surrounded by flowers or food. The vinyl material makes them durable for sticking on laptops, phone cases, water bottles and other items you take on the go. Their versatility and portability makes them a fan favorite.

Other Types

There’s so much variety when it comes to Squishmallow stickers! Some other options fans love include:

  • Puffy stickers with a 3D puffy texture true to the plushies. These grab attention when decorating scrapbooks.
  • Scented stickers that smell like vanilla or fruit. A fun sensory way to enjoy Squishmallows!
  • Glitter or lenticular stickers with sparkly or moving effects. These special finishes add flair.

Yucoo Sticker’s Unique Offerings

Yucoo Sticker provides fans an amazing range of high quality Squishmallow stickers to feed any fan’s obsession. From die cut stickers perfect for scrapbooking to weatherproof vinyl decals for your car, their collection has endless options to showcase your Squishmallow pride. Their manufacturing capabilities also allow creating custom stickers with your own designs.

Creative Ways to Use Squishmallow Stickers

Squishmallow stickers open up so many possibilities for fans to express their love for the cute and squishy plushies. Let those marshmallow cuties invade your life and brighten your day with fun Squishmallow stickers!

On Personal Items


Die cut Squishmallow head stickers are perfect for decorating your laptop and showing off your fandom. Arrange different Squishmallow heads across the back or lid of your laptop. You can also use durable vinyl stickers on the outer case. Surround your favorite character with hearts, stars or rainbows for an extra cute look!

Water Bottles

Bring your Squishmallow obsession with you everywhere by slapping Squishmallow stickers on your water bottle or tumbler. The adhesive vinyl material is waterproof and durable, so your squishy pals can accompany your drinks without smudging or peeling. Show them sipping boba tea or go for allover coverage with different characters for maximal cuteness!


Adhesive vinyl Squishmallow stickers are ideal for customizing phone cases. Make your lock screen extra adorable by having your favorite Squishmallow peek out. You can also put stickers on your actual phone body if you don’t use a case. Let your Squishmallow squad be by your side all day!

In Scrapbooks and Journals

Scrapbooking is a fun way for Squishmallow fans to showcase their collections and hunts for rare characters. Use die cut stickers to decorate pages and collages dedicated to your Squishmallows. Puffy, glitter and scented stickers also add nice embellishment. Your Squishmallow journal will be almost as delightful to flip through as the plushies themselves!

On Cards and Gifts

Surprise fellow fans on their birthdays or holidays with Squishmallow gift tags, cards and presents decorated with themed stickers. Customize the wrapping paper with vinyl character stickers for an extra squishy touch. Inside, include sticker sheets or small gifts like stickers, pins and keychains to delight the recipient. Squishmallow stickers make any occasion more huggable!

Home Decor

Let your Squishmallow obsession take over your personal space! Adhesive vinyl stickers allow you to Squishify mirrors, walls, and household items. Bring your water bottle, laptop or phone stickers to the next level by covering furniture, cabinets and appliances with matching characters for one cohesive marshmallow world. With Squishmallow head silhouette die cuts, you can even create quirky wall art patterns. Live your wildest marshmallow dreams!

How Squishmallow Stickers Enhance Fandom Experience

The Joy of Personalization

One of the biggest appeals of Squishmallow stickers for fans is the ability to personalize your belongings with your favorite characters. Having that cute smiling face of your Squishmallow BFF staring back at you from your water bottle or laptop brightens up your day and fuels your obsession. It feels comforting knowing your little marshmallow pal is sticking by your side as you go about your activities. With endless customization options, you can surround yourself with just the right Squishmallows that spark joy.

Connecting with Fellow Fans

Squishmallow stickers also help you bond with fellow fans out in the world. A compliment from a stranger on your amazing Connor the Cow sticker instantly tells you they’re part of the Squishmallow family too. It sparks fun conversations about favorite characters and hunting tips. You never know what fellow fan friends your Squishmallow stickers will attract. They make it easy to spot who shares your obsession.

Stickers also facilitate trades and giveaways among fans. You can use stickers as affordable gifts for fellow collectors you meet online or in person. They strengthen the Squishmallow fan community.

So go ahead and unleash your Squishmallow love through stickers! They allow you to proudly showcase your fandom on your own terms. With Squishmallow stickers, you can make any space friendlier and infuse your life with extra marshmallow magic.

Tips for Choosing the Right Squishmallow Stickers

With so many adorable Squishmallow characters out there, how do you pick the perfect stickers to showcase your favorites? Here are some tips for choosing stickers that reflect your collection and obsession:

Consider Your Favorite Squishmallows

Focus on stickers featuring your personal top 10 or 20 Squishmallows. Highlight the ones that spark the most joy when you squish them! If you have rare or hard-to-find characters, stickers are a great affordable way to celebrate them. You can also find group sticker sheets to showcase beloved friend squads. Pick the faces you never get tired of seeing.

Think About Sticker Types

Which sticker variety best fits your needs? Factors like where you’ll put the stickers and desired durability affect your options:

  • Die cut stickers allow for scrapbooking and decorating cards or journals thanks to their fun shapes and transparency.
  • Adhesive vinyl Squishmallow stickers are versatile for sticking on laptops, phones, water bottles and other items you handle frequently thanks to their durable material.
  • Lenticular, puffy or scented Squishmallow stickers add cool effects if you want to accent scrapbooks or gifts.

Match the sticker type to its intended use for the optimal result.

Yucoo Sticker’s Bestselling Squishmallow Stickers

The team at Yucoo Sticker stays on top of trends to offer the most in-demand Squishmallow stickers that fans love:

Squishville Stickers

Tiny Squishville versions of popular characters like Connor, Avery, and more are best-sellers. Fans love the miniature size perfect for journaling, scrapbooking and decorating small spaces.

Foodie Squad Stickers

Squishmallows enjoying snacks resonate with fans. Pizza Gordon, Boba Brianna and other “foodie” designs are popular for laptops, water bottles and phones.

HugMees Stickers

These extra large and delightfully huggable Squishmallows have stolen hearts. HugMee silhouette and full body sticker designs are hits for journal covers and scrapbook pages.

Rare Characters

When rare or limited edition Squishmallows like Calton, Berit, and more get released, fans rush to celebrate them through stickers too!

Yucoo Sticker stays ahead of trends to offer the newest and most in-demand Squishmallow stickers that fans are searching for.


Squishmallow stickers provide the perfect outlet for fans to proudly showcase their love for the cute plushies. With endless options like die-cut, vinyl, puffy and scented stickers, fans can get creative in decorating their belongings and spaces with their favorite marshmallow characters. Stickers also facilitate connecting with fellow fans and enhancing your Squishmallow collection experience.

At Yucoo Sticker, our mission is to help Squishmallow lovers celebrate their passion through high quality customizable stickers. We offer the hottest new designs along with beloved classics that fans adore. Unleash your creativity and share your Squishmallow obsession with Yucoo Sticker today!

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